Recovery, Reimagined.

Unlock your full movement potential with Motics.

  • Transform your smartphone into a personal physiotherapy assistant
  • Gain AI-powered insights to track your progress and optimise your movements
  • Receive real-time feedback to perfect your form and prevent injuries
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Improving the entire physiotherapy experience.

At Motics, we're committed to enhancing the entire physiotherapy experience by harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology and innovation. Our comprehensive approach to rehabilitation addresses the most common challenges faced by patients and healthcare professionals alike.

All available in a single app.

Engage with your physiotherapy in a fun and interactive way with our gamified experience. By turning exercise into a game, you'll stay motivated to push yourself further, improving your overall recovery and achieving your goals faster.

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Testimonial 01
“The squat or not feature is absolutely awesome - would love to see it on TikTok!“
- Areeb Siddiqui,

Alpha tester

Testimonial 02
“It's so much easier to see where I'm going wrong with my exercises and how to improve“
—Harriet Scriven,

Alpha tester

Testimonial 03
“Finally found something that's easy and simple to use as part of my daily routine“
-Eissra Eltom,

Alpha tester

Testimonial 04
“Super excited to test this out with the Motics team and get working with it in the clinic!“
—Lisa Mulhaney,


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