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Our mission is to help you recover faster.


We help patients adhere to their physiotherapy.

By improving the physiotherapy experience, we help you stick with your exercises for longer, enabling you to recover faster.

Our story.

Motics was born out of a frustration with the current state of physiotherapy. Both co-founders, Harvinder and Salinna, have experienced physiotherapy, both struggling to keep to their exercises. Harvinder's father suffered from sciatica, a condition requiring daily physiotherapy. However, after a poor experience, he failed to keep to his exercises, resulting in a worsening in his pain.

Pilot Study 3 - ACL Rehabilitation

In pilot study 3, we're looking at tracking recovery during ACL rehabilitation with patients in our partnered clinics.

Expanding partnerships

We will be expanding our reach this year to more clinics, enabling us to impact more patients than ever before.

Pilot Study 2

In pilot study 2, we looked at key predictive metrics of recovery, and now include these in our platform.

Partnership with University of Portsmouth

Our partnership with UoP and the SIGHT programme have enabled us to work with patients for testing our platform in the real world.

Hardware development

We continued on hardware development for a premium offering to our line up, enabling us ot provide incredible insight into muscle recovery.

Prototype - Sleeve based wearable

Our first prototype was a sleeve based wearable to detect muscle function in the arm and leg.

Our response to COVID

To keep our partner clinics working, we developed our remote consultation solution in just 11 days, enabling appointments to continue for our patients.

Motics founded

Motics was founded by Harvinder and Salinna whilst at university, with a mission to enable engaging and effective rehabilitation for everyone.

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